MFL Lesson Study- Poems or Grammar?

Four of our MFL faculty have worked as lesson study pairs [with me as the 3rd man in the room] to plan together on 2 enquiry questions that reflect their concerns re the changing curriculum and G.C.S.E. demands. Bronagh [Spanish subject leader] and Marion [French/EAL coordinator] worked together on their enquiry-Which methodology is most successful […]

Summer Lesson Study

When I first saw David Weston’s description of the NTEN CPD audit and lesson study, I was immediately interested in the possibilities that both offered to develop key areas of our school. Other schools are now increasing the numbers of NTEN membership and there have been numerous national discussions at conferences, in educational literature and […]

Lesson Study so far…..

Since we decided to become involved with the NTEN [National Teacher Enquiry Network] lessons study/CPD audit project in autumn, many of our blogs have included feedback on the progress our group of volunteers have been making. I’m not going to go over all of the ideas again but here are some of the key blogs, […]

May Inset-Life beyond graded lesson observations and national curriculum levels!

Life beyond lesson observation grades– developing a portfolio of evidence to celebrate individual contribution to whole school quality of teaching We began looking at all of the different factors that make a great teacher at Meols Cop in our September inset, have shared our ideas on our blog and at teachmeets and finally used part […]

Effective research-transformational practice!

I’m delighted to be able to welcome some great speakers and colleagues from across West Lancashire and Merseyside to our first ever Research Day Conference tomorrow. Although the day partly reflects our role as a Teaching School, the main impetus comes from the growing interest within Meols Cop from colleagues wishing to improve and develop […]

Building Our School For The Future

Building our school for the future A PD vision It seems ages ago now since the promise of our new BSF build disappeared after a disproportionate amount of money was wasted on totally unnecessary professional development aimed to support the projects. We were forcibly made to go to expensive hotels to listen to speakers and […]

Let’s Work Together!

“Let’s Work Together” “Together we will stand divided we’ll fall Come on now people let’s get on the ball And work together, come on, come on let’s work together, now, now people Say now together we will stand, every boy, girl, woman, and man…” I haven’t produced a blog since our first inset day in […]