Subject Specific Professional Development

Hopefully our inset sessions aren’t quite as tedious as ‘Secret Teacher’ articles complain ones at other schools may be! We do try to provide personal choice, subject specific PD and lots of collaborative sharing of practical resources and ideas that can be used in our classrooms and then evaluated and adapted. However it would be even better if we could organise professional development events where colleagues from other schools could gather and quite simply talk about their subject, swap and share ideas and make new links with schools they might not even have heard of before! I’m constantly asked by colleagues if they can go out to other schools to see great practice and I would imagine that the situation is the same elsewhere. Teachers on twitter, supported by TDA and CUREE advice want to have their own ‘bottom up’ PD choices, want the opportunity to meet colleagues from other schools and want to be able to gather ideas that will impact on their own teaching and student learning. No more talking and moaning-let’s make it happen!

We will host, organise and feed for nowt-all visitors have to do is to bring themselves, their mates, their ideas/resources and be ready to talk to strangers about their current good practice or raise issues they would like to discuss. We will start at 5 to allow the NW to participate and arrive and we will show willing by sharing some of our ideas to warm everyone up. The start time will also allow as many people to engage as possible-if it was in the school day, usually only 1 person would be allowed to attend [the subject leader perhaps!] but we want colleagues of all experiences to feel free to come along.

The growth of teachmeets has been phenomenal and great ideas are gleaned from them [and from twitter] but not everyone feels confident enough to stand and perform so apart from the press-ganged MCHS staff, everybody will be in small enough groups to feel comfortable enough to speak and share openly and honestly. The topics can be decided on the night, although when you let us know if you are coming, it would be useful to know what you feel we should suggest as topics and what you can share. Lizzy, our new learning and teaching AHT’s details are on the flyers; please let her know a.s.a.p.

I feel passionate about the power and potential of collaboration across schools and hope that others feel the same way too and will find their way to sunny Southport. We’d love to organise events for all subjects in the new year but need the support of NW teachers. I hope that you can support the events and look forward to meeting lots of new friends. If you have any alternative ideas for collaborative professional subject specific development, please do let us know your suggestions.






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